We offer carpet cleaning in Vaughan and beyond. Got a stain? Dirty carpets not only look bad, they smell bad too. Our professional steam cleaning will remove stains from carpets & area rugs. 

 Dirty carpeting is unhealthy too. Every time someone steps on the carpeting, germ-infested particles can be released into the air for everyone in the vicinity to breathe in.

For these reasons, your carpets need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. Whether it’s your personal residence or your commercial office, all that traffic lends itself to a carpet that’s far from clean and sanitary. Going the DIY route may work to some degree, but you’ll never get to the nitty gritty of the grime and debris that’s been built up over the months and years.

 At Clean By Steam, we utilize the industry’s most innovative tools, equipment, cleaning solutions, and techniques to rid your carpets of all all the dirt and stains that have wreaked havoc on it. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed in this field, and they’ll come up with a cleaning solution for the specific type of fibres that your carpets consist of.

Despite the power of our cleaning tools and techniques, we are very gentle on your carpeting, and will take every precaution necessary to ensure that your carpets are left both clean and unharmed. Forget about brushing or excessive rubbing to get stains out; our state-of-the-art equipment and tried-and-true tactics will leave you with nothing but a sparkling clean carpet.

Two of the biggest blunders that homeowner DIYers tend to make when they clean their own carpets are using too much soap, and not allowing the carpet to fully dry before replacing the furniture. At Clean By Steam, we use just the precise amount of product to get the dirt and stains out without having to douse the carpeting with so much water to get all the suds out.

 In addition, we use a specialized technique that suctions out all of the moisture so that the drying time is sped up by as much as 95%. Not only that, we test the carpeting to ensure it’s 100% dry before placing furniture back on top, which saves both the carpeting and the furniture.

 At Clean By Steam, we provide our clients with the highest quality carpet cleaning services with the best equipment in the industry. We’ll help you effectively remove all those pesky carpet stains and give your interior a completely refreshed and renewed look.

 For all your carpet cleaning needs in the Vaughan and surrounding areas, get in touch with us today at 647.969.4752

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