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Upholstery Cleaning Vaughan

​We offer upholstery cleaning in Vaughan & the greater Toronto area. Is your favourite couch stained? Our professional steam cleaning will remove stains from couches, chairs & other furniture. 

You may give your carpets, counter tops and windows plenty of attention when it comes to regular cleaning, but what about your upholstery? Think about all the action they get from you, your family, and your guests. And if you’ve got small children or pets at home, your upholstery needs even more attention. 

There could be a myriad of things deeply ingrained within the fibres of your furniture’s fabric that you may not realize are even there. Not only do they make your upholstery look and smell bad, they also make it potentially unhealthy to be around. 

Your upholstery is likely the target of plenty of dirt, dust and stains that make it look a lot older than it really is. To breathe new life into your sofas and chairs, consider deep upholstery cleaning from Clean By Steam. 

Our experienced, professional, licensed technicians have the skill and the know-how to effectively deep clean your upholstery to ensure that the majority of debris and grime are successfully removed. We use innovative equipment that is powerful enough to effectively clean, while being gentle enough not to cause any harm or damage to these potentially delicate textiles. 

The cleaning solutions we use are strong enough to do the job, yet don’t leave behind a potent, chemical-laden smell for you and your family to have to inhale for hours or even days after the upholstery has been deep cleaned. 

We use state-of-the-art techniques that suction most of the moisture out of the upholstery so that it dries much faster, and doesn’t leave any soap suds or residue behind. We have tools available to identify when the furniture is completely dry before you and your family enjoy it. 

There’s no need to tackle this potentially challenging job all on your own when you can call upon the services of Clean By Steam instead. With our skills, equipment, and tried-and-true techniques, we’ll ensure you’re left with pristine upholstery that will look just as good as when you first bought it. 

We service residential properties and commercial offices all over Vaughan and surrounding areas. No matter how large or small the job is, Clean By Steam can handle it with great care and success. 

Trust the team at Clean By Steam for professional Upholstery. Call us at 647.969.4752 today.